• Deferred Compensation

    Provide deferred compensation benefits for selected executives.

  • Pension Rescue Plan

    Improve pension plan funding through potentially higher investment returns.

  • 125 (Cafeteria)

    Enables employees to pay for certain expenses with pre-tax dollars.

  • Zermatt Life/Health Insurance Trust

    Employers may elect to provide future welfare benefits for employees and their beneficiaries through a welfare benefit fund.

  • Health Reimbursement Accounts

    Permit employers to reduce health insurance costs by raising the deductible of their basic health insurance coverage and contributing the savings into such accounts for their employees.

  • Welfare Benefit and VEBAS

    Employers may elect to provide future welfare benefits for employees and their beneficiaries.

About Us

Benefits for Corporate America, Inc. (BCA) is a Nevada corporation which specializes in sponsoring and providing employee benefit plans on an outsourced basis. BCA sponsors two employee and executive benefit plans:

1) The BCA Deferred Compensation Plan (BCA DCP). This Plan provides a system for executives (Highly-Compensated and Key Employees) to defer compensation in excess of the amounts permitted under a 401(k) plan, without giving up the flexibility and investment selection choices available under 401(k) plans.

2) The Zermatt Life/Health Insurance Trust (ZLHIT). This trust provides for funding of pre- and post-retirement death and medical benefits. The ZLHIT is a Delaware series trust that permits employers to adopt their own series to provide those benefits selected.

As conditions change, including the economic and regulatory environment in which employee benefit plan sponsors find themselves, it often becomes necessary or desirable to modify employee benefit programs. These employee benefit plans are required to comply with various laws and regulations. BCA offers plan administration services for all types of employee benefit programs to assist you in complying with these laws and regulations.

BCA will work with you to implement and properly maintain your employee benefit program. - Click here to contact us today.

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